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We make simple, timeless and long-lasting furniture. Some of our products are enginered to be repared in order to increase it's lifespan.


We combine handcraft and low-tech manufacturing with CNC cutting. At Feyna we believe in local resources and local manufacturing. Our products are made in Mallorca.


We care about where our timber comes from and where it goes to. We are in continuous research to find local suppliers to minimize CO2 emissions and to contribute to the local economic development of our community.
Feyna works with purveyors of certified wood such as PEFC or FSC.


Our mission is to remain local while reducing our carbon footprint. Our shipping is limited to minimize CO2 emissions.
At Feyna we use
renewable energy.


TELF: 629414023


Carrer d'Arnau Rossiñol, 6
07013 Palma, Illes Balears